Each answer Must be no less than 200 words and no more than 1000 words each




1.)Module 5: For this discussion question, first read the case study on pages 138 – 166 of the textbook. Analyze case study in utilizing the Five Step Approach provided by the authors. The five steps are the following:


  1. Define the problem and determine its causes.
  2. Establish criteria to evaluate alternatives.
  3. Generate policy alternatives.
  4. Evaluate and select policy.
  5. Evaluate adopted policy.


After addressing these five steps, answer discussion question number 8 on page 161, which states:


Did the five-step model help you understand the problem, and help you organize and structure your research and a potential response in a way that made the task more manageable, and your analysis more thorough? Or did this problem reveal possible limitations of the five step approach?








2.)Module 6A: Describe the differences of policy approaches toward gun control throughout the United States. Take into account the context of the school shootings case study in Chapter 6 of the textbook. State your opinion on the matter and provide a thoughtful and well reasoned argument to support your point of view.


3.)Module 6B: For this discussion question, first read the articles titled, “First Amendments Zones” (Nuñez, 2011), “Unlawful Assembly Dispersal Order,” and the “FTAA Independent Review Panel Report.”


Put yourself in the place of Major Warren as he formulates his policy recommendations to Director Duncan and County Manager Herrera for their final approval. What general policy recommendations would you make in regard to the designation of First Amendment Zones? What would you recommend as a general policy regarding protest groups and their possible disruption of the DRNC event. Consider the risks and benefits that are likely to come from the implementation of different policies. Be prepared to defend your policy recommendations.




4.) Module 7:For this discussion question you are to assume the position of Major Louis Warren, the principal planner for security for the DRNC event.

Based on your readings so far, identify the three likeliest threats that you expect to encounter on the week of the event. Then identify the three most consequential threats that you expect to encounter that week. Understanding that risk is a function of likelihood and consequence (Risk = Likelihood X Consequence), how do you rank order the overall risk posed by these threats?

For the second part of this question, you will need to formulate a very brief policy statement (not to exceed seven words) that best addresses the risks that you have identified. You may formulate one, two, or three policy statements at the most for this question.


5.)Module 8:For this discussion question, first review the article “A Policy Review of ‘Operation Fast & Furious’” (Nuñez, 2011) in Doc Sharing. Conduct a brief review and analysis of the article.

At a minimum, you are to address the following questions:


  • What were the unintended consequences of Operation Fast & Furious?
  • What are the lessons learned from this operation? What, if anything can be done to avoid these mistakes in the future?
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