MGMT 430 Quiz 1 Name:_____________________________

1) Managers need to know the mathematical theory behind the techniques of management

science so that they can lead management science teams.


A. True

B. False


2) Management science is a discipline that attempts to aid managerial decision making by

applying a scientific approach to managerial problems that involve quantitative factors.


A. True

B. False


3) A management science team will try to conduct a systematic investigation of a problem that

includes careful data gathering, developing and testing hypotheses, and then applying sound

logic in the analysis.


A. True

B. False


4) Linear programming problems may have multiple goals or objectives specified.


A. True

B. False


5) When using the graphical method, the region that satisfies all of the constraints of a linear

programming problem is called the:


A) optimum solution space.

B) region of optimality.

C) profit maximization space.

D) feasible region.

E) region of nonnegativity.


6) Resource-allocation problems have the following type of constraints:


A) ≥.

B) ≤.

C) =.

D) <.

E) None of the answer choices are correct.









MGMT 430 Quiz 1 Name:_____________________________

7) A linear programming problem where the objective is to find the best mix of ingredients for a

product to meet certain specifications is called:


A) a resource-allocation problem.

B) a blending problem.

C) a cost-benefit tradeoff problem.

D) a mixture problem.

E) None of the answer choices are correct.


8) Using techniques to test the initial versions of a model to identify errors and omissions is



A) model validation.

B) model enrichment.

C) model enhancement.

D) model debugging.

E) None of the answer choices are correct.


9) Which of the following tips can be helpful when you can’t figure out what formula needs to be

entered in an output cell?


A) Visualize where you want to finish.

B) Test the model.

C) Do some calculations by hand.

D) Optimize the model.

E) All of the answer choices are correct.


10) Before staring work on a spreadsheet, Julie sketches a rough draft of how the finished

spreadsheet might look. Julie is performing which step of the modeling process?


A) Plan.

B) Build.

C) Test.

D) Analyze.

E) None of the answer choices are correct.



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