Qz2 For Mathexpert121

QUIZ 2/Week3


Instructor: Staci Gash

Instructions: This quiz covers through week 2. You may either type your answers and submit as a word doc or use pencil and paper and scan your work and submit. In either case, submit your quiz to the assignment folder in the classroom. It is best to show your work so that you can receive partial credit. If the answer is incorrect and there is no work to back up the answer then the answer will receive zero points. By showing you understand the process you will receive some credit even for an incorrect answer.

1. Which of these graphs are graphs of functionsAnswer(s): ____________

( no explanation required .) (There may be more than one graph which represents a function.)













2. Consider the following graph of y = (x). (Some of the points are plotted with using dots, for your convenience.)






(no explanations required)

(a) State the y-intercept(s).




(b) State the value of f (1).




(c) State the domain.





(d) State the range.




3. Which of the following equations does the graph represent? Show work or explanation. 3. ______




















4. Solve the inequality 13-7x ≥ 10x-4 Write the solution set in interval notationShow work.






5. Consider the points (–10, –4) and (3, 9).

(a) State the midpoint of the line segment with the given endpoints. (No work required)



(b) If the point you found in (a) is the center of a circle, and the other two points are points on the circle, find the length of the radius of the circle. Find the exact answer and simplify as much as possible. Show work.








(c) State the equation of the circle described above (in standard form). (No work required)







6. Let =


(a) Calculate . (work optional)




(b) State the domain of the function =



(c) Find and simplify as much as possible. Show work.



7. Consider the linear equation 2x + 3y = 1.


(a) Write the linear equation in slope-intercept form.




(b) State the value of the slope.




(c) State the y-intercept for this line.

8. Consider the points (2, –1) and (7, 2).

(a) Find the slope-intercept equation of the line passing through the two given points. Show work.




(b) Compare your line for this problem, #8, with the line in problem #7. Are the two lines parallel, perpendicular, or neither parallel nor perpendicular? No explanation required – just state the answer.



9. Kathy earns a weekly paycheck consisting of base pay of $400, plus a commission of 7.2% of her weekly sales in excess of $3,000. (So, Kathy only earns the commission only on the amount of sales over $3,000. For instance, if her sales are $5,000, she earns a commission only on $2,000. Assume Kathy’s sales are always more than $3,000.)


(a) Write an equation that can be used to determine Kathy’s weekly paycheck P, given the amount of weekly sales, x.






(b) Determine Kathy’s weekly paycheck if her weekly sales are $12,345. Show work.





(c) Determine Kathy’s weekly sales if her weekly paycheck is $1,446.16. Show work.

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