Racism, Discrimination, Prejudice and Stereotyping in America. Do Black Lives Matter?

Midterm Assignment (60 Points) Topic: Racism, Discrimination, Prejudice and Stereotyping in America. Do Black Lives Matter? You may tweak the topic if you wish to give it your own personal touch but your paper must explore the identified concepts against the rapid push for social change which is occurring both locally and internationally in response to the death of George Floyd and others. Part 1(10 points) Define and briefly explore the concepts in the topic showing the differences and relationship between each. (for example, prejudice is an attitude while discrimination is a behavior). For this section you should use your text book or any other reliable text as your major source. Racism is not defined in the text so you can use a reputable source for your definition which you must acknowledge. Do not download nameless sources from the internet that you are unable to acknowledge. Quote, for example, Myers (2018) defines prejudice as-“——“. You would then list Myers along with the name of the book, publisher, in your bibliography in APA style. Part 2(20 points) Explore the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement within the context of the two interrelated events which have sparked it. ie, 1) the killing of George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and others by the police. 2) the killing of unarmed black men such as Treyvon Martin, Ahmaud Arberry, Michael Brown etc by white civilians. For this section of your paper as well as for Section 4, your sources must be a minimum of 6 articles which must be from a reputable newspaper or magazine such as the following. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New Yorker (special edition devoted to the BLM movement) or Psychology Today. You are not limited to this list however, do not use tabloids such as The Daily News or the New York Post. The 3 newspapers have published excellent articles on every aspect of the issue and you should have no trouble finding material. All articles must be listed in your Bibliography with the name of the author, date of publication etc. For example: Edmondson, C (2020) Defying Trump, Senate Panel Moves to Strip Military Bases of Confederate Names. NY Times, June 11, 2020. You can go directly to the website of these publications to access articles. The N Y Times will allow you to read a limited amount for free. Do not go to the internet and plagiarize articles that have no author or valid publisher. Part 3(10 points) Choose 1: 1. Describe a personal experience with racism, stereotyping, prejudice or discrimination. Explain how you coped with it. 2. Have you participated in a Rally, Demonstration or Protest related to the current issues? Explain why. Part 4(20 points) Will Racism Ever End? In this section of your paper, examine some of the various proposals, ideas, solutions etc which have been put forward to tackle the issue (Some have already been implemented). Here are some examples: 1. The calls to “defund” the police and divert funds to social programs. 2. The dismantling of Confederate symbols, etc. 3. Executive orders by several governors banning the use of chokeholds by the police. 4. Making an untrue racist telephone call a hate crime. 5. The move by major corporations to support the BLM movement. You are not limited to the above examples. The key question to address is how effective do you think they will be? Will we go back to Square 1 once the marches are over? What else do you think needs to be done? Additional Instructions: 1. Your paper should be written in APA style and must include the following! 1)A Running Head, 2) An Abstract, which is a brief summary of your paper 3) Bibliography in alphabetical order. Papers should be 8 to 10 pages but may be shorter or longer if you wish. Also, note that some sections of the paper are worth more points than others so be sensible. If you devote 3 pages to section 1, you can still only get 10 points and if you devote 1 page to section 2 which is worth 20 points, Well ?Also, if you have a long impressive list of references and there is no mention of them in your paper either by direct quote or summary, you will be penalized for plagiarism. If you do well on this paper, you have virtually guaranteed that you will pass the course so give it your best shot and make it a genuine learning experience. If you need further clarification on anything, please drop me a line. PLEASE SUBMIT AS A PDF OR WORD DOCUMENT TO CMESQUITTA@YAHOO.COM -Professor Mesquitta

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