What impact does animal scavenging have on a crime scene? •How does animal scavenging affect recovery methods? •How does animal scavenging affect bone fragmentation and loss of forensic evidence (you may want to select a specific species or a comparison between two example species to fit into your word limit) •What affect does animal scavenging have o the post-mortem interval? •Ensure you are using either case studies or comparative studies to conduct your research on animal scavenging. GUIDELINES FOR WRITING YOUR RESEARCH PAPER •You are required to submit your paper in formal essay formatting including: Introduction: provide context for your topic, a summary of your key arguments, and your thesis or the argument you are making. Main Body: divide your paragraphs by key points, support your argument using your sources, you should be citing each sources more than once, critically evaluate what you have read (this can mean that you disagree with a source however you must support this!), you may use direct quotes from your sources however you should not be using too many, paraphrase their argument concisely in your own words (using a thesaurus to change the some or all of the words in a sentence does not count as writing it in your own words). Conclusion: you should briefly summarize and analyze your research. Be sure that you respond to your thesis or argument. References Cited: presents the sources used in your paper. You should only include sources that have a corresponding in-text citation. FORMATTING YOUR RESEARCH PAPER •Papers should be formatted using; Double spacing 12 point font Left margin alignment You do not require a cover page GRADING RUBRIC Introduction = 3 points Body = 15 points Conclusion = 6 points Tables, Illustrations, and Graphs = 2 points(This is evaluating the use of appropriate diagram and figures to support your argument as well as their incorporation into your argument.) •Sources = 3 points (This is evaluating your choice of sources. The quality of the references chosen will also affect the quality of the evidence presented to support your argument in the body of your paper and will therefore can affect the marks for that section as well.) •Referencing = 3 points(this will evaluate the use of APA formatting for the in-text citations and the reference list. However, failure to correctly cite your sources constitutes plagiarism and could significantly affect your mark.) •Format and Grammar = 3 point

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