Research Methods Journal :Method Comparison

In this journal exercise, you will observe and reflect on the similarities and differences in two published research studies (one qualitative, one quantitative) on a similar topic (See ARTICLE 1: Patients’ Perceptions of Barriers to Self-managing Bipolar Disorder: A Qualitative Study and ARTICLE 2:Social Support and Relationship Satisfaction in Bipolar Disorder). A table is provided for entering your observations. Prior to beginning this journal assignment, review the required resources for this week and read the two research studies. You may find it helpful to print out the studies and view them side by side, or if you have a large computer screen have them both open to facilitate comparing their features.

Download the Method Comparison Journal Exercise Form and save it to your computer.

Fill in your name and the date, then the cells of the table with your thoughts on the characteristics of the articles. Save your entries and upload the completed file.

 Article 1, Article 2, and Method comparison journal exercise form are included in attachments.

Resources from (Newman, 2016) textbook are provided in attachments for coordinating info.

Newman, M. (2016). Research methods in psychology (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.






Method Comparison Journal Exercise

Read the two research articles cited below and fill in what you notice about their characteristics, similarities or differences in the table below.

Qualitative Study:

Blixen, C., Perzynski, A. T., Bukah, A., Howland, M., & Sajatovic, M. (2016). Patients’ perceptions of barriers to self-managing bipolar disorder: A qualitative study. International Journal of Social Psychology, 62(7), 635-644

Quantitative Study:

Boyers, G. B., & Rowe, L. S. (2018). Social support and relationship satisfaction in bipolar disorder. Journal of Family Psychology, 32(4), 538-543.


Characteristic Qualitative Quantitative
Research design    
Sample size    
Sampling method    
Measures and instruments    
Data analysis technique    
Readability of report    
Ethical considerations    
Any other thoughts?  
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