Research Paper For Tomorrow Midnight

Research Reflection Papers
A researched reflection paper combines an experience and research into a topic. Hopefully something during thefieldtrip has sparked some curiosity about a particular aspect of the trip. Use that spark to ignite some passion foryour writing topic. According to the North Carolina State Service-Learning Program (Reflection and ArticulatingLearning, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. NC State, 2004) “the best reflection follows a simple three stepmodel: (1) describe the experience(s) objectively, (2) analyze the experience(s) in terms of the categories of service-learning objectives (personal, civic, academic), and (3) articulate (express) the learning that results.
EXTRA CREDIT – EARN +5 pts on your assignment if you can document that you had an ASC writing tutor look overyour work, and you made some of the suggested improvements. Turn this document in to me by the due date of theassignment for credit.
The minimum requirements:

APA style12pt font 1” marginsDouble spaced1st page is the title pagePage 2-4 is your writing- THIS MUST BE AT LEAST 3 PAGESPage 5 is the Work Cited pageAt least 3 peer reviewed sourcesAnswer my or your own writing prompts (different for each field trip)College level spelling and grammarSubmitted to Canvas plagiarism checkerThis is a LINK to APA FORMAT, we will be omitting the abstract portion APA format
Your work should be your work. Do not quote sources, read the source and rewrite the information in your own words,then cite. If you are found to plagiarize, expect a punishment ranging from a hefty deduction to failing the course orbeing removed from the school. Please do not plagiarize, even accidently. When in doubt, cite, or ask me. Use databasesto find background information on your paper’s topic to help explain your views or comments. Below, I have a fewwriting prompts. Feel free to use them.  (field trip was in tampa bay recycling wast.

Waste Water facility-


THE GOAL- Reflect on the time we spent at his facility and elaborate on the important aspects you learned. Useresearched facts to help outline how water moves thought the facility and where it ends up. Also, investigate (moreresearch) some of the important environmental consequences of our current water treatment model.  Use some ofthe questions below to help guide your paper.
How does the facility work? How might it be improved? What aspect did you find fascinating (engineering, microbiology,scale, environmental impact)? How would a facility like this change the environment (the bay, water, air, and soilquality)? How might a tour like this change your behavior?
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