According to an article written by Paul Stekler, Chair of the Radio-Television-Film Department at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas is viewed as a Republican state due to the lack of interest that working-class voters have in participating in any elections. Cultural aversions have made voting difficult and obsolete in areas where certain races felt that getting politically involved was dangerous. Democrats are generally not participating in elections nor is there any motivation available to encourage fellow democrats to run to the polls and take part in the elections. Although the two-party system encourages political debate, Paul is convinced that nothing will change unless the fearful ethnicities in his article become more engaged in politics and our democracy.

Much like Paul, Ben Philpott of KUT 90.5, feels as though Texas is viewed as a one-party state and shares much of the same viewpoints. Ben feels as though voting habits will drastically shift during upcoming election years once voters feel as though the party they have voted for doesn’t share their interests of viewpoints much like what’s going on with Donald Trump in office. He thinks the likelihood of Texas continuing to be a Republican state is possible unless Republicans stop voting for Republicans and Democrats step up and vote for fellow Democrats.

Much like the other individuals that I have identified, Ed Espinoza appears to have the exact same viewpoint regarding Texas being a one party Republican state. He also shares some of the same ideas however emphasizes the need for additional participation from democratic voters in order for office to shape up. He feels as though the things have been displayed about Texas are of poor representation and bad public policy. Like the others, he feels as though changes are attainable if democrats become more engaged, vote and remain informed so not to miss important dates and events that are put in place to sway popular vote.

Personally, I felt as though there were changes being made when George Bush was in office and even Barack Obama. I attempted to remain abreast of all important political issues and things that were going on in Texas. Once Donald Trump got elected, things appeared to fall apart and shifted drastically on a downward spiral with talks of government shut downs. I feel that all three articles are significant in that they all clearly state the same position. Although initially discouraged, Democrats who are now able to vote should become engaged and remain informed about all issues as they could affect them in one way or the other. So not to be blind-sided by what’s going on, discussions should be held in public forums so that the Democrats truly understand the importance and significance of their votes otherwise Texas will continue to be viewed as a one party, Republican, state.

One-Party Rule Has Never Been That Simple In Texas |Ben PhilPott |

The Problem With a One-Party State Government in Texas; Paul Stekler, Chair of the Radio-Television-Film Department |

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