Respons To Discussion

at least two responses (the “Final Posts”) of at least 200 words each to classmates.

first post :

In my opinion, I think that Texas and the United States should continue to use the death penalty.  I understand that the death penalty has been used in wrongful situations, including killing innocent people.  However, I do think that the death penalty provides family members of murder victims with a “peace of mind.”  It also ensures that there is no way that the suspect could get out of jail and commit the same harmful crime.  I believe that before the death penalty is served, there needs to be evidence that 100% proves that the person is actually guilty of committing the crime.  I also believe that the decision to put the guilty part on death row should be left up to the victim, or if the victim has passed, it should be up to the victim’s family.  In a sense, the death penalty reminds me of the old “eye for an eye” saying that comes from the Code of Hammurabi.  If one decides to murder someone, they should be punished by their own death.

I believe that capital punishment still exists because I think that it serves as a motive for not murdering.  Yes, I am aware that people still murder others, but without the death penalty, it may even lower those odds. Although the death penalty is costly, I believe it serves justice to the victims and their families.  Most times the people that receive the death penalty are very dangerous people, and may be a danger to other prisoners living in the prison.

To put it in perspective, if my little brother were to get murdered for whatever reason, I would be angry.  I would of course want to know who killed him, and I would want to be reassured that the person that killed my brother would never see the light of day.  It’s only fair.  If you kill someone out of hatred or spite, you deserve to be killed yourself.  That is the only way that I would feel that things were “fair” or “even.”

Second post:

The company the United States keeps using makes me question if someone really deserve the death penalty. No state has a flat out ideal to execute its most exceedingly awful lawbreakers in spite of the fact that a greater part of a state’s inhabitants may wish to give that privilege on it. A factor that is helpfully disregarded by hostile to capital punishment campaigners is that we are for the most part at last going to kick the bucket and much of the time we will know about this ahead of time and endure awesome torment and passionate anguish simultaneously. This is especially valid for those analyzed as having terminal malignancy. It is obviously socially satisfactory to be “condemned to death” by one’s specialist without having perpetrated any wrongdoing whatsoever yet absolutely inadmissible to be condemned to death by a jury having been indicted first degree kill after due process. One more of the counter capital punishment errors is the suggestion that the contrasting option to execution is the prisoner simply leaving and continuing their ordinary regular day to day existence. This is obviously not genuine, they will regularly spend whatever remains of it in the slammer. Texas ought not do executions any longer. Capital punishment in Texas is in a condition of emergency. Various capital punishment feelings have been spoiled by overeager arraignments and the utilization of lied declaration. State paid restorative “specialists” make problematic forecasts about respondents’ future hazardousness while different specialists just lie about tests they never performed.

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