Response To Discussion 5

you need to complete at least two responses (the “Final Posts”) of at least 200 words each to classmates by the dates shown in the course schedule.

First post:

Religious speech should not to go on without serious consequences for the sake of free discourse. It has genuine and annihilating impacts on people groups’ lives and dangers their wellbeing and security. It’s destructive and disruptive for groups and hampers social advance in battling separation. Left unchecked, free speech can prompt war and genocide. Despite the fact that the privilege to free discourse is a key esteem, it ought not be permitted to exceed the essential human privileges of other individuals, particularly their entitlement to life. In any case, social orders should make a move against loathe free speech without requiring that a couple of particular words independent from anyone else should specifically and instantly induce viciousness, or probably. That sets a high bar and is hard to demonstrate. It additionally enables purveyors of hate to dodge obligation basically by not making unequivocal calls for brutality. Further, our new computerized world ups the Internet has brought forth a multiplication of detest discourse alongside helpful data, for example, bomb-production guidelines or the street numbers of premature birth suppliers. This has empowered others to submit savagery long after the words were first distributed. Abuse to one’s profoundly held religious convictions are experienced as hostile and an assault against the sacrosanct request. Not maligning the ruler’s name is one of the best Ten Commandments. So there is justifiable reason purpose behind individuals to be tread painstakingly on another’s religious sensibilities. Deriding religion is the most genuine sort of scorn, it appears to be more than censuring your nation or ridiculing somebody’s mom. Regardless of whether religion ought to be an extraordinary class is an unavoidable issue.

Second post:

I believe that free speech is exactly what it is, free speech.  There is no hidden meaning or message behind it.  We can say whatever we please and whatever we may feel towards a certain subject.  However, there are certain things such as religion that shouldn’t be insulted or mocked because it is immoral.  This does not mean that it won’t happen.  There are plenty of people in the world today that take no consideration of people’s feelings and emotions.  Like I said when discussing the second amendment, people are going to do and say whatever they please, regardless of any restrictions that may be placed.  I don’t think that we should draw any lines in regards to freedom of speech.  As citizens of the United States, we should be able to speak our minds and true thoughts.  It is up to the individual to decide whether or not it is appropriate to do so.  If they decide wrongly, they deserve whatever punishment or harm may come to them.

I have noticed that there are way too many people that get offended and butt hurt over the dumbest things.  It would be hard to control and regulate what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate in regards to freedom of speech.  People would constantly find loopholes around it, or flat out ignore it, and disobey the law.  There are always going to be rule breakers, and there is nothing the US can do about it.  I think the laws we have in place serve the US well.

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