Response To Discussion 6

complete at least two responses (the “Final Posts”) of at least 200 words each to classmates by the dates shown in the course schedule.

First Post:

I think advising agriculturists that they remain to harvest gigantic benefits from developing GM crops. At first, the cost is costly however cash is saved money on pesticides. To deliver the GM crops, present day biotechnology is utilized which requires exceedingly gifted individuals and advanced and costly equipment. Large organizations require significant interests in research facilities, hardware and HR, consequently the motivation behind why GM crops are more costly for agriculturists than customary yields. GM crops, agriculturists are told, are a far superior choice. It requires a shorter investment to deliver the coveted item, it is exact and there are no undesirable qualities. GM harvests can be created to be herbicide safe. This implies agriculturists could shower these products with herbicide and execute the weeds, without influencing the harvest. As a result, the measure of herbicide utilized as a part of one season would be decreased, with an ensuing diminished in costs for agriculturists and buyers. Bug protection was incorporated with the cotton, thus decreasing and notwithstanding expelling the utilization of pesticides, which are costly as well as, more essentially, destructive to the earth. Indeed, even creatures can be hereditary adjusted to be more slender, become speedier, and require less nourishment. They could be changed to have extraordinary qualities, for example, more prominent drain generation in dairy animals. These adjustments again prompt enhanced efficiency for agriculturists and at last lower costs for the purchaser. Altered products could maybe forestall flare-ups, for example, foot and mouth illness, which has crushed numerous ranchers and neighborhood economies.

Second Post:

In regards to GMO products, I know quite a lot about this subject matter.  I believe that there are far too many pros than cons when it comes to these foods.  They are resistant to insects, cutting down on the numerous diseases that insects carry.  They are also more susceptible to the heat, cold, and even drought.  This makes it easier for farmers to grow crops all year around.  Not only does this benefit them financially, it also benefits us as consumers.  They also have more of a tolerance to herbicides.  It is because of GMO products that we can buy seedless watermelon and seedless grapes.  This is because they can engineer the seeds to give the GM food stronger colors,  increase their shelf life, and of course eliminate the seeds. As far as safety goes, GM foods have met the same requirements of the foods grown from non-GM seeds.

Even if there are some cons, such as allergies, I do not believe there is anything to harmful or dangerous about eating GMO products.  Some people may think that hey cause cancer, but there is no evidence to support that. I do know that they had used rats in an experiment to test the life span when fed GMO food.  The results of this experiment were too vague and the results were inconclusive.

I think that people concerned about the safety of GMO products, just shouldn’t eat them. Right now there is no label requirement in the US, but if you want to avoid GM foods, just look for the labels that say “USDA certified organic.”  I do think that there should be a law requiring that they label GM foods, because people shouldn’t have to guess at what they are eating.

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