Response To Posts

shouldn’t be empowered to deny service to same-sex couples on the basis of their sincerely-held religious beliefs. I never really got the point of being prejudice against them. Are they really bothering you? I mean if you don’t like what they’re doing or how they dressed, you can just look the other way.  I feel like being a business owner you should leave your feelings and judgments at the door. Business should just be about business. If you stop every opportunity that walks through your door, how would you ever make money? Why should you lose business based on what gender or what sexuality they claim? I understand that religion is what causes the disagreement despite that their still human, just like people who like opposite-sex. The way we treat the LGBT community is like how African Americans were treated during segregation. That’s not right and we shouldn’t stand for it.  Whether if it was legal or not, we should all treat each other with respect. Nowadays people are mixing their feelings with their opinion and blowing it out of proportion more than it needs too. I’m not saying you have to support them or anything, but bullying them and being hateful towards them doesn’t solve anything. We shouldn’t shame them for being themselves. They just want to express themselves and not have to hide who they are. So just because your choice of religious belief that doesn’t make it okay for you to belittle someone because of their choice of sexuality.

Second Post :

I am a firm believer, as an American and being raised with an understanding the diversity and mixed cultural values in our society is something that sets the United States apart from most countries. There are many people that have cultural differences or a social value system that is very different from mine, but as I strive to be a productive, law abiding and tax paying citizen I have an obligation to respect the decisions of lifestyles or choices which other people make that are not in violation of the laws.

It is wrong and degrading to discriminate against people for their religious or social beliefs as long as they are operating and living within the legal guidelines of our society. Each day I have to be mindful not to prejudge or look at various people with a biased opinion. Personally, it has taken me many years to understand that I need to be careful in mixing up my feelings about someone’s lifestyle with respecting them as a human being.

I do not believe that any business or government agency should be permitted to provide service to anyone based on their beliefs and values as long as they are not in violation of the law.

My question to those who are of the belief that it is your right or privilege to discriminate against law abiding people who might have different political, social, religious or sexual values vs the individual that comes to your business to patronize with you, but behind closed doors, he is a pedophile, wife beater or a tax cheater.

So where is the argument of discriminating any different?

How can you justify being prejudiced?

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