Retention of Employees

Lesson 3 Discussion Forum 1: 350 WordsIf you became the new manager at a restaurant with high employee turnover, what actions would you take to increase retention of employees?Your discussion is to be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format. You must have a minimum of two sources to support your answer.Minimum 2 ReferencesReply to post:   250 WordsEmployees are considered as the pillar of any organization. They are responsible for the growth of the organization. when we come to the business which is related to restaurants, the Employees are playing a major role. It is observed that day by day the demand for restaurants is increasing in the market as people are mainly dependent on restaurants in their day to day life. It is also seen that there is being a high employee turnover rate in various restaurants. As I am appointed as a new manager in the restaurant, I have to deal with employee retention. I need to check with the market and make an analysis of the employee turnover rate in the market. The demand for employees in the market and restaurants is very high and customers get impressed by the behavior of the employees (DiPietro et al, 2019). It is very much necessary that the restaurant owners are increasingly skilled and talented persons in their restaurants. Sometimes it is also required to Boost Your employees by tracking their performance and recognizing the best among them. It was the time before where people used to get attracted to the infrastructure of the restaurants. But currently, people are also judging the restaurants by considering the behavior of the staff. Poor communication may lead to various issues in the organization and it may lead to huge conflicts between the teams and this may result in the division of team by which automatically the productivity will be reduced. This may create a huge impact on the restaurants in the market (Dwesini, 2019).Lesson 3 Discussion Forum 2: 350 WordsWhat labor markets should be considered when recruiting to fill an opening for a housekeeping staff at a local hospital? What labor markets should be considered for staffing the chief surgeon for the local hospital?Your discussion is to be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format. You must have a minimum of two sources to support your answer.Minimum 2 ReferencesReply to Post.  250 Words:Any organization will and should work for a manageable development and sensible benefits giving best offices and products to the purchasers or customers. For this situation we are thinking about a nearby hospital, which is relied upon to be perfect, solid and sterile for the patients and any individuals who enter the hospital. All together for the clean and cleanliness environment to be kept up in the hospital, housekeeping staff is required (Pautrel et al, 2017).Education is a significant component in recruiting housekeeping staff however not as significant as the skills. They ought to be educationally qualified and in fact talented to play out these occupations like how a central specialist in the hospital performs significant medical procedures in the hospital. Housekeeping isn’t simply tidying up the rooms and guaranteeing the “house is perfect and efficient.” It requires client care skills since the housekeeping staff would relate with the patients at some level. Thusly, focusing on the skills is critical to get the correct housekeeping staff (Berinsky and Sahni, 2016). It will be more enthusiastically and additional tedious to locate the correct competitor in light of the fact that the expertise level and educational experience is such a great amount of higher than the housekeeping staff. The main specialist is likewise liable for hiring and recruiting individuals to his/her careful staff so I would ensure the individual has involvement with the hiring and recruiting area.

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