Rise of Hitler into power

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Write a research paper of 12–15 pages (not including cover page and bibliography) in Turabian format. The final paper should be suitable for presentation at a scholarly conference. The paper must have and develop a clearly-stated thesis. The thesis must be a significant statement about the origins of the Cold War. (Students can substitute an important topic related to this course but must have a final paper topic approved no less than three weeks in advance). Make sure your thesis is not just a general statement of intent: i.e., “In this paper I will discuss the rise of Adolf Hitler.” Instead, your thesis statement should include your theoretical focus: i.e., “This paper will assert the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany was due in large part to social and political factors including the rise of anti-Semitism, reaction to Communist activity and subversion, the widespread shame felt by the German people after their defeat in World War I, and the organizational effectiveness of the Nazi Party—social and political factors exploited by Adolf Hitler and his movement.” The paper must be tightly focused on supporting the thesis statement. All arguments must build toward that central argument. RESEARCH REQUIREMENTS: The paper must be thoroughly researched. You must use at least 20 sources, at least 5 of which must be primary. Make good use of your sources, carefully comparing and collating information rather than relying on one or two sources to the virtual exclusion of others. Make especially good use of your primary sources, keeping in mind that the primary source information is what makes a paper worthy of presentation at a scholarly conference. Remember that at the graduate (i.e., professional) level, people are more likely to ask how many good sources you omitted than how many you used. You may also want to judiciously consider government and military records or reports, which are too often neglected in scholarship. WRITING QUALITY/STYLE: The paper must be clearly written. Strive for clarity. Do not try to be eloquent. Be clear, and let eloquence take care of itself. Avoid jargon and clichés. Avoid useless additional verbiage. If a word can be omitted without loss of clarity, omit it. Avoid the passive voice except for situations in which it is necessary in order to make your meaning clear. Avoid errors in grammar and spelling. ANALYSIS: Most importantly the paper must be analytic, striving to discuss root causes and the driving influences of your topic. Analysis is often defined as the ability to break down an issue into its essential parts, and discussing the relationships between parts and the relationship of parts to the whole. Throughout this semester you have discussed analysis and been provided analytic tools, such as the DIME model, to assist in this regard.

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