Security Threat to a Wireless Network.

OverviewIn this assessment, you will identify a security threat to a wireless network. You then identify which points of the network might be vulnerable and recommend policies, defenses, and practices to ensure network security.PreparationStudy the Network Diagram [PDF] and use it as a basis to complete this assessment.Use the Assessment 2 Template [DOCX] to complete the assessment.InstructionsConsider one of the computer or network threats that you have explored or are familiar with, and address the following in a Word document with respect to the network depicted in the diagram:Briefly describe the threat, including its medium, delivery mechanism, type, typical targets, et cetera.Describe where and how it is likely to breach the identified network. Consider importing the network diagram into Visio (or other appropriate tool) and marking the incursion points that you describe. You will need to do this to achieve the distinguished level for its associated criterion. Paste the updated diagram into your assessment document. escribe a typical defense against this type of attack.Conduct Internet research and identify an effective policy designed to prevent this type of attack. Make sure to properly cite your sources.Briefly describe two practices that would effectively enforce or support that policy.Additional RequirementsComposition: Make sure you work is organized and free from spelling and grammatical errors.Font: Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced.Format and Style: Citations should use current APA style and formatting.Length: Approximately three pages not including the diagram.Competencies MeasuredBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:Competency 1: Describe IT structure within a business environment.Describe where and how a network is likely to be breached.Competency 2: Apply basic IT principles.Describe a typical defense against a specified type of attack.Competency 3: Explain IT governance principles, standards, and practices.Describe why a policy is an effective deterrent for preventing a specified network attack.Competency 4: Apply critical thinking to solve problems.Describe practices that would effectively enforce a security policy.Competency 5: Apply information literacy skills.Describe the characteristics of a specified network security threat.Competency 6: Communicate effectively and professionally.Provide a logical argument in support of conclusions or recommendations.

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