Servant Leadership

After reading the textbook, locate the Table of Contents on p. V. You’ll notice the book is divided into 6 chapters. For the purpose of this assignment, you will use chapters 2-5. In your narrative, you are to: Define servant leadership in your own words. You may use specific examples from the book or your own personal experience as a professional educator. Personal anecdotes can/may apply here and stories are welcomed in your explanation of servant leadership. Critical life events/situations are okay to use as well. There are 4 self-assessments for each chapter. Answer the questions to one self-assessment for each of the 4 chapters 2-5. (The first self-assessment is on p. 17). This part of the narrative can be developed in a variety of formats but the key concept is to foster self-awareness in the student. As school leaders, one must be willing to take an honest, sometimes critical look at oneself in order for quality growth to occur.

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