Sharing Challenges And Solutions

compass icon-01.png Overview:

As you continue revising and drafting your research this week for the Unit 3: Addressing Issues Research Essay Assignment, use the discussion board to connect with your classmates and work out any problems you are having as you write.

quill icon-01.png Assignment:

Write an initial post in which you share questions, comments, or insights from your writing in preparation for the Unit 3 assignment. Create openings for your classmates to offer their insights and perspectives in ways that help you write more effectively. 

Look back over the assignment prompt for Unit 3: Addressing Issues Research Essay Assignment and also look over the feedback you have written and received for this week’s Peer Review assignment. You might consider some of the following questions to get you started:

  • Where are you having the most difficulty in planning and writing? What questions can you ask of your classmates to help you address these problems?
  • What gaps are you finding in your research that your classmates can help you address?
  • How are you listening carefully for others’ perspectives on the issue you are addressing? How can your classmates help you understand or find alternative ideas?
  • What weaknesses or challenges are you finding in your process of writing (your writing environment, schedule, etc.)? How might ideas from your classmates help you?

Post your initial response to this discussion board, and offer your insight and perspective to your classmates in response to the challenges that they identify as well.

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