She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story Book Report

For this essay, you are to write an evaluation of the book She Said. In your evaluation, you should review Kantor’s and Twohey’s main points in the form of a summary, and then decide whether or not they makes their case. In other words, what is the book’s main argument and did it succeed? If it did, what aspects of the book were successful (use of sources, first hand info, writing style, interviews, logical thinking, etc.? If it did not, what were the problems (bias, illogical thinking, poor sources, etc.)? You should begin your essay with an accurate summary, and then explain what aspects of the book you found strongest, as well as a weakness or two (evaluation). Or, if you found the book to be unsuccessful, focus on the negatives and then afterwards something you thought worked. Finally, you should express your views (opinion) on the topic itself- the power dynamics of powerful men and women in the workplace, the #MeToo Movement, Weinstein’s enablers, etc. This last component of your essay could simply be a longer version of some of your points in the discussion, though it should be a bit more formal. Thus, your essay should have two components: 1. Summary 2. Evaluation 3. Opinion on topic Grading: This will be based on meeting the assignment’s requirements, your use of academic vocabulary, the complexity of your thinking, your use of quotes and paraphrases, and the overall flow and rhythm of your writing.

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