Should people do things they do not like?

A question linger on should people do things they do not like? When going through life, it is possible that life will deal different experiences that one may not only be unprepared for but also, does not want to deal with. The role of wants plays a part in determining what one likes and wants to do, go or be (Carey, 2018). However, just because one does not like a certain thing does not mean that they should not do it.

Should people do things they do not like?

In fact there are many common situations when one should abandon their interest or joy to reap the bigger benefit. An apt example would be taking up a job they do not like just to pay the bills as they continue the search for their dream job. Such a scenario represents a situation where one has to do something they don’t like to achieve a better or bigger benefit.

However, that is not the only reason that one should do something they don’t like. When people do things they do not like, they may be engaging in a trial and error process to discover their interest or passion. Playing sports, playing a music instrument and drawing among other things may be things that a particular person does not like but may lead them to discover a love for something else such as crafting or graphic design for example. Furthermore, all the skills gained in doing such things may apply elsewhere in their lives.

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While people should once in a while do things they do not like for the above reasons, they should however also do things they like and enjoy doing as these bring tremendous pleasure and fulfillment while offsetting the lack of pleasure from the things they do not like to do but have to.

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