Should teenagers work?

Should teenagers work?

While they may be underage, teenagers like adults should not be restricted to work. It is not wrong for teenagers to have work exposure as it helps them learn about the important value of work from an early age.

Should teenagers work?

Teenagers should work as a way of training them to become responsible adults in a few years after teenage hood. Unlike adults, working with teenagers requires getting parental or guardian consent to allow them to do a job. The type of work assigned to teenagers also should be controlled and restricted to that age group. That will avoid overworking, abusing or working against the laws given to protect children from child labor or child abuse.

Keeping Teens Safe and Healthy at Work: It Takes Teamwork! | Blogs | CDC

Simple manual or technical jobs for instance are not harmful to teenagers. The experience that the teenagers acquire from the jobs assigned will be greatly useful in their future job roles. They will have less struggle learning and meeting the job requirements once employed. Exposure to a job during teenage years creates interest, motivates and prepares teenagers for adult work years. Examples of jobs that teenagers can do are serving in restaurants during holidays. Teenagers should only work in organizations or companies during holidays to avoid any interference with their studies.         

  For Many Teens, Summer Jobs May Be Thing Of The Past : The Two-Way : NPR


In conclusion, work does not only involve doing an office job or factory job but also performing assigned duties at home or in school. A teenager should be able to clean their clothes, prepare a meal for the family and clean the home perfect. The young adults should work as it makes them more responsible in the future. There are also many teenagers who help support their families or save money in order to go to college.

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Like Shelley Staaats in the article “Part-time Work Ethic: Should Teens Go For It?” she tells that “she saves about $200 a month for college, works to support her-self, and pay for car, clothes, and stuff, like going out.” Teenagers, by having their own income don’t have to depend on anyone; they don’t have to bug their parents any time they want to buy new shoes or something. 

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