Significant Life Decision

What was the last significant life decision that you made. what was the process that you went through in making this decision? were there distinct stages in the process? who or what helped you to arrive at a decision? what was unhelpful? what ideas can you take from this personal expierece that you can applying in helping your counseling clients to make decisions ? it can be useful to carry out this excersise in a group in which each persons decision making story is shared a a means of developing an awareness of the different decision making styles and strategies that exist14.1Identify a recent occasion when you collected information in order to help you to deal with a personal issue. ex. might include understanding an illness. what did you do to collect and analyze this information? what helped of hindered you in the process? what roles did other people play? in the end in what ways did you make use of this information you collected in order to accomplish you underlying goals? finally what have you learned from this experience that might e relevant to how you assist clients to collect, analyse and use information

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