Social Policy

The textbook login is my email – password is – Batman15 Your essay assignment will be focused on public policy. Specifically, you will choose a specific public policy referenced in sections 15.3 (Economic Policy) or 15.4 (Social Policy) of the text as the focal point of your essay. You must quote the reference in your essay. In your essay you will describe the current state of your chosen public policy by explaining its connection to the Policy Process Cycle, which is shown in Figure 15.1 (p. 393). This means that your essay will follow a very specific direction. It will Start with a short introductory paragraph (no more than 1/2 page) which will introduce the public policy and the problem it is intended to address. Here is where you will place the quote referencing the specific policy from the text. Next, describe the form that this policy has taken. On p. 394 the authors indicate that “Policy can take many forms, including legislation from Congress, or other legislatures; legal opinions from the courts; and various methods of executive orders, regulations and memoranda from presidents, governors and other executives, as well as the bureaucracy.” As part of your discussion, be sure to describe the institution (named above) most responsible for its current form. Here you will want to include quotes from the text which help to explain the institution. You must have at least two quotes from the text. Describe the implementation of this particular policy. For a discussion of policy implementation see page 395. Your discussion should reference at least 3 reputable press sources, with at least one quote from each source. To understand what a reputable press source is, see this site: (Links to an external site.) Finally, provide an evaluation of your policy. To understand what policy evaluation is, see the discussion on page 396. Your evaluation should reference at least 3 reputable press sources, with at least one quote from each source. Guidelines for the essay: The completed essay will be 4-5 double spaced, 12 point font, pages in length. The completed essay must have at least three quotes from the text (see above), and 6 quotes from six reputable news sources. Language should be academic, meaning no first person (e.g. “I” or “you”) Citations should include the author’s name, year, and title of the source along with quotation marks enclosing the direct quote. For a guide on how to quote within the text, see here: to an external site. A separate reference page is required. For a guide on how to list your references, see here: to an external site.

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