Solving The Cybersecurity Workforce Crisis

1. Read / Review the Week 5 readings.2. Research authoritative sources which discuss the reasons why the cybersecurity workforce crisis exists.a. Hiring Cybersecurity Staff is Hard for States http:// NGA Releases Report Advising States on Decreasing the Skills Gap in the Labor Force Comparing Private Sector and Government Worker Salaries (This source argues both sides of the compensation / education arguments.)d. Budgetary Constraints (p. 3, Figure 1.4) e. IT Workforce hiring issues: f. State vs Private Compensation (see “Conclusions” on p. 15) g. Global talent gap 3. Review the best practice recommendations from the NICE report. Select three to five best practices which state governments could benefit from implementing.   4. Review alternative recommendations for attracting and retaining qualified talent (workers) to a state or region. Select 3 or more recommendations that you believe would be beneficial for state government hiring efforts for cybersecurity personnel.

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