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Written case assignments are to be prepared on an individual basis. It is expected that the content of your written case will reflect YOUR thoughts and analysis rather than the work of others. WHAT IS A CASE ANALYSIS? An account of what happened to a business or industry over a number of years. Issues managers had to deal with such as changes in competitive environment, responses to those changes on a business or corporate level strategy. The case analyses will provide an opportunity to apply strategic problem solving skills and the foundational framework for the industry analysis project. Each student will have to analyze an assigned case. You will have an hour to present a thorough analysis of your assigned case. Your presentation should include the issues involved, the problems facing the company, the competitors, a series of recommendations, etc. You will have to defend your recommendations to the class. Recommendations should be written out and distributed to each class mate. Each person is to be prepared with questions, comments and suggestions concerning the recommendations. Each student will have to submit weekly written case analyses of the assigned cases. Written analyses should be 3 to 5 pages in length. NO BULLET POINTS ALLOWED- MUST SUBMIT COMPLETE SENTENCES FOR BOTH THE CASES AND THE PAPER. We will review five cases. Case presentations will start the second week of class. Each case study should be very detailed. The written study should include the following: The history, development, and growth of the companies over time (initial products, new-products, core products). The company’s internal strengths and weaknesses; the nature of the external environment surrounding the company; a SWOT analysis should be done on each company. Discuss the corporate-level strategy pursued by each company (mission, goal, vision, the nature of the company’s business-level strategy (single-business, low cost, different products). The company’s structure and control systems (hierarchy, decentralized, centralized). Develop recommendations, suggestions or changes that will improve profits / operations. ALL written cases MUST be typed and double spaced and should incorporate correct form, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and communication skills. You are not expected to research outside references for the cases. All the factors listed above may not be included in each case; therefore, please discuss the applicable factors according to each specific case. As you are reviewing each case, please add a paragraph or so as to how the case compares to your chosen company.

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