This is an exercise in ARCGIS -Mastering ARCGIS -Spacial Analysis and Modeling

Spacial Analysis

Exercises: Week 3 Assignment Open the ex_6.mxd map document in the MapDocuments folder of the mgisdata directory and answer the following questions: 1. (a) Recalculate the earthquake statistics without the missing data values and compare the results to the values reported in Figure 6.8. (b) Perhaps many quakes have missing magnitude values because they occurred before 1960, when seismic networks for measuring magnitudes were not yet common. Test this hypothesis and report what you find.

Spacial Analysis

(c) Examine the quake magnitudes on a map and propose an explanation for why the smaller quakes (magnitude less than 4) were included in the data set. (Hint: Use the query expression MAG > 0 AND MAG < 4.) 2. How many counties in the United States have the name Washington? What is their total 2010 population? Which one has the largest area?

3. Calculate the percentage of the population in each state that is African American. (Use the BLACK field for the African Americans and the POP2000 field for the total population in each state.) Which state has the largest number of African Americans? Which state has the largest percentage of African Americans? 4. Which subregion of the country has the greatest number of African Americans? How many does it have? 5. Add the table dating from the mgisdata\Usa\usdata geodatabase to the map document.

Spacial Analysis

This table contains information about marital status by county. Examine the table. Which fields could you use to join this table to the US Counties table? Why would the county name field NOT work? Excerpted from Price, Maribeth. Mastering ArcGIS, 7th Edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. pgs. 203—204 In the US Counties table, examine the three fields STATE_FIPS, CNTY_FIPS, and FIPS. How are these fields related? Join the tables. 6. Join the dating table to the US Counties table. Then select the counties that lost population in the 20-year period from 1990 to 2010. How many are there?

Spacial Analysis

In what area of the country are these counties predominantly located? Make a map showing the “losing” counties. Capture the map. (Hint: Create a new layer from the selected features.) 7. Use Summarize to determine the number of counties in each state that lost population. Which three states had the most losing counties, and how many losing counties did each have?

8. Imagine that you are the PR director of a group seeking aid for Native American artists, and you wish to contact the Democratic representatives in the 111th Congress who are from states in which the number of Native Americans and Eskimos (AMERI_ES field in US States) exceeds 100,000. Which states are included in the list? How many representatives will you need to contact?

Spacial Analysis

(Hint: Create a layer from the districts in the qualified states.) 9. Using the Major Cities layer, determine how many people in the United States lived in state capitals in 2007. What is the smallest, largest, and average population of the capitals? 10. Which state has the highest percentage of owner-occupied housing units? Which one has the lowest? What are the percentages? Create and Capture a map showing the percentages using a standard deviation classification method. Excerpted from Price, Maribeth. Mastering ArcGIS, 7th Edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. pgs. 203—204 …

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Spacial Analysis

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