Spanish Culture Assignment

CULTURE DISCUSSIONThe culture discussion is composed of two (2) parts.Part 1 (50%)- Watch the  starting at minute 6:30.Answer the first two (2) questions and then three (3) others from the list (you can choose any from the list). Eachresponse should be a minimum of three (3) sentences in length for a total of 15 sentences.Part 2 (50%)- Read several classmates’ responses. React to one of your peer's post in a minimum of ten (10) sentences.Do this by entering one classmate’s specific post and clicking “reply.” What points made in your peer's post resonates with you? How so? Do not respond in a superficial way; delve.1 What is your impression of the celebration of the “Fiesta de Quince Años” based on what you learned in the video?How did you develop this belief?2) Based on the video that you watched, how does your perception of coming of age differ from Mexican culture?  How would you define “coming of age?”Do males and females deal with different issues when coming of age? Why and how so?What are the benefits and challenges that occur when one “comes of age?”What specific way does your specific sub-culture celebrate coming of age?What are some ways in which a male celebrates his coming of age? What about a female? Is there a difference?What kind of responsibilities must an adolescent take on when s/he comes of age?

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