STAT 200

1. A random sample is one ______


a. That is haphazard

b. That is unplanned

c. In which every unit of a particular size has an equal probability of being selected

d. That ensures that there will be no uncertainty in the conclusions


2. The following distribution has:



a. A positive skew

b. A left skew

c. No skew

d. A negative skew


3.  In an experiment on the effect of exercise on memory, the independent variable is: _____(choose only one answer)


a. Number of hours of exercise

b. Recall score on a memory test

c. Gender of the subjects

d. Gender of the experimenter


4.  For the scores 3, 5, 8, 10, 14, 17, 21, 25, calculate the 75th percentile using the following formula: R = P/100 x (N + 1)


a. 6.75

b. 17

c. 21

d. 20


5. For the following data COMPUTE THE (ƩX)2  AND THE ƩY2


1 3
2 2
4 7


a. 21AND 62

b. 49 AND 144

c. 49AND 62

d. 21 AND 144


6.  How many 78s are there in the dataset is (multiply stems by 10.0):



a. 0

b. 1

c. 3

d. 7


7.  Stem and leaf displays are NOT good for comparing two groups.


a. True

b. False


8.  Although bar charts are often used to show means, what is typically a better display


a. Stem and leaf plots

b. Box plots

c. Histograms

d. Frequency tables


9.  Based on the frequency polygon of test scores displayed below, _____.


a. Nobody scored below a 55

b. Nobody scored a 0

c. The most common score was a 75

d. Everyone got a perfect score


10.  Response times were generally shorter to the:


a. Large target

b. Small target


11.  This bar chart shows percent increase in consumer price index for four, three-month periods ending the date shown, In which quarter did the CPI increase SECOND-MOST?




a. the quarter ending July 2000

b. the quarter ending October 2000

c. the quarter ending January 2001

d. the quarter endinig April 2001


12.  For the following histogram of test scores,the majority of test scores came between:



a. 39.5 and 49.5

b. 89.5 and 99.5

c. 79.5 and 89.5

d. 159.5 and 169.5


13.  For the following line graph of quarterly percentage changes in five components of the CPI, which component steadily increased from quarter to quarter?



a. Housing

b. Medical Care

c. Food and Beverage

d. Recreation

e. Transportation

14.  For the following stem and leaf plot, how many numbers are there between -2 and -1?










a. 0

b. 1

c. 5

d. 7



15. For the following box plot, F represents:




a. The mode

b. The mean

c. The median

d. A far out value


16.   A researcher collected BMI (Body Mass Index) of 10 students trained to become dietitians. The BMI for the ten students are:  18.4, 19.0, 21.4, 25.0, 23.5, 48.6, 23.6, 24.0, 18.1, 26.0


The researcher wants to know the MEAN AND THE MEDIAN  BMI score (CALCULATE 2 NUMBERS):


17.  (SAME DATA SET) The researcher wants to know the MINIMUM, MAXIMUM AND RANGE  of BMI scores (DETERMINE 3 NUMBERS):


18.  (SAME DATA SET) The researcher wants to know the VARIANCE AND STANDARD DEVIATION of BMI scores (CALCULATE 2 NUMBERS):


19.  (SAME DATA SET)  The researcher wants to know the interquartile range of BMI scores: (hint: 25% of the BMI scores is 19)(CALCULATE 1 NUMBER)



20.  (SAME DATA SET) The researcher wants to know the OUTLIER of the BMI scores(DETERMINE 1 NUMBER)

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