STAT Assignment

STAT 509 Assignment# 7 Name_______________________




1) Due Date

· May 28 @ 11:50pm

2) Assignment submission:

· When you submit an electronic file (assignment) you must use the following format: This is for: LAST NAME (in upper case), your first name, the course code, activity/assignment number and file format

· For example: SMITHJohn-STAT509-A7.doc

Assignment: (Show your work)

1. Is there enough evidence to reject the claim that there is no preference in the selection of fruit soda flavors, using the data shown in the table below? Let alpha=0.05. (Hint: use Chi-square for goodness-of- fit)

Flavors Observed
Cherry 32
Strawberry 28
Orange 16
Lime 14
Grape 10
Total 100







2. A study is being conducted to determine whether there is a relationship between jogging and blood pressure. A random sample 210 subject is selected, and they are classified as shown in the table below. At alpha=0.05, test the claim that jogging and blood pressure are not related.

(Hint: Chi-square for independence)


Jogging status* Blood pressure
    Blood pressure  
    Low Moderate High Total
Jogging status Jogger 34 57 21 112
  Non-jogger 15 63 20 98
  Total 49 120 41 210
















3. Two hundred sixty-nine adults were enrolled in a lifestyle change workshop (Diehl, 1995). Individual data on a number of demographic and clinical variables were collected. The table below shows the Pearson correlation coefficients.


Pearson Correlation Coefficients between several variables (n=269)

Pearson Correlation Age Height Weight Pulse Current Stress
Age 1.00 -.155* -.144* -.069 .211*
Height   1.00 .539 -.166 .000
Weight     1.00 .070 -.118
Pulse       1.00 .016
Current Stress         1.00

* The correlation is significant at the 0.05 level.


· What correct conclusion would an informed reader come to from the data presented in the table above? Determine whether each statement is true or false


a. There is a significant negative association between age and height

True False

b. There is a significant positive association between pulse and height

True False

c. There appears to be no significant association between age and stress level

True False

d. Approximately 54% of the variation in weight is explained by height

True False





4. The following graph was part of an article published by Dr. Park and his colleagues. The title of this study is “Exercise-Induced Asthma May Be Associated with Diminished Sweat Secretion Rates in Humans”. Please use this graph to answer the following



a. What is the independent variable?





b. Determine whether each of the following statements is true or false


· Almost 60 % of variation in total sweat volume is explained by Max fall in FEV1

True False

· There is significant medium positive relationship between the two variable


True False

· The coefficient of determination would be a negative value

True False

· A type II error was not made in the problem

True False

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