States the Reasons why people work?

Reasons why people work. It is tempting to think that making money is the only reason why people go to work every day. If one never had to worry about money for the rest of their lives, would they dedicate it solely to rest and fun? While money is an important aspect of why people go to work, there are additional reasons that would offer great explanations as to why people work.

States the Reasons why people work?
Why People

Let’s start with money People want to get paid for doing certain tasks and being good at a certain skill. People work to support their families and themselves. Whether this is through paying bills such as fees, food, utilities and rent, people work to get money that can help them achieve these things. Indeed, according to a research by Paymentsense, (2017), 50% of said part of the reasons why they go to work each day is to support their families.

Why People Work

Secondly, people works as work gives purposes to life. In addition, it enables individuals live a more meaningful. This result from the fact that work not only offers people objectives to strive towards achieving every day and it also allows them to make long-term goals that improve life’s meaning and satisfaction.

Individuals always want to meet new people regularly and this creates a sense of happiness. Moreover, people also want to be respected by others for their effort and skills in carrying out their tasks. These things stimulate in a social and emotional way the urge of people to work.

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People work because they support what they create. Individuals’ involvement in making certain decisions or producing certain outcomes makes them fulfilled.


In conclusion, people will work when trusted with responsibility and when given an opportunity to learn, in addition to making money, they gain a sense of purpose and derive meaningful social interactions from their job.

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