Structure analysis










Structure Analysis

Allyson Rush

Rasmussen College

October 29th, 2017











Structure Analysis

In the NoJax Company the power is decentralized, and before decisions are made, the senior management among other managers are involved as this order of command is beneficial to the firm because each senior member’s voice is heard in the decision. Similarly, other decisions keep workers unaware which may have a influence on the organizational behavior. Coordination and supervision is another organizational behavior structure characteristic. The NoJax Company’s surveillance may put more pressure on their workers. They may not give their best since they may divert their focus from their assigned duties to the conformity of the rules because of the strict observance that the management has put on these rules. Furthermore, NoJax not giving out their workers’ health insurance coverage or retirement plans is detrimental to the company because the employers may feel less motivated and may not give their best (Ashkenas, 1995). Task allocation, NoJax hiring the workers who are qualified for the positions. This is evident by the academic requirements and the experience exhibited by the company’s managers. Similarly, the employment considered racial equity at the managerial level. The firm’s task allocation is has a positive influence on the organizational behavior.

NoJax uses the matrix organizational structure which shows the product managers based on their specializations and they are categorized together to carry out a single task. The structure may be convenient for the senior managers to oversee the process of supervision because the workers are together. The matrix organizational structure makes the work more efficient and improves communication among the workers and because of that the productivity will increase (Aiken & Hage, 1968). The practical use of this structure may be attributed to the expansion of the NoJax Company and the dream to venture into something new. However, the frequent disagreements between the product and department managers are fueled with this kind of organizational structure as much as there is a mediation technique already in place. The disharmony between the two can spill over beyond the control of the mediation technique which may be hazardous to NoJax Company. However, based on the observation of the Company’s growth this organizational structure is fruitful to the NoJax Company because the firm has flourished in the market under this type of structure.

Creativity, ease of communication, and decision-making is the rank of the essential elements that the NoJax Company should focus on. However, the Company enjoys good profits, but it is not creative enough. The lack of creativity is witnessed by the fact that the Company has not updated its designs to match up with the current models in the market. The old company design is a problem to the company, and this may tell us that the same customers that the firm had maintained are used to such models. However, it is important for the senior managers to consider updating their designs or NoJax may be silenced by other sportswear companies. NoJax organizational structure guarantees ease in communication as much as there are hitches, but they are under control and when it comes to decision-making power it is decentralized to all the managerial staffs which are suitable for the Company.

In conclusion, the NoJax Company continues to have opportunities in the market because of the strategies that the firm has put out there. For instance, selling their products at affordable rates and sponsoring sports events is a functional component of the organization’s public relations. Therefore, as much as NoJax has a few internal issues their ability to hide that from the public has made the Company to become a household in the sportswear production.


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