Summary: Harris 1979 What Happened To Little Albert.Pdf

College of Staten Island – The City University of New York

PSY 352 – History and Systems of Psychology – Spring 2021


For this paper, you will think about how you think within the context of history. You will apply

the framework of historiography to the history of psychology. You will do this by analyzing

Harris’ (1979) paper on the famous Little Albert study.

This paper has a graphic component. This means that you need to include at least five images

that describe what you discuss. You should write around 800 words and the images that you

choose should add to your argument.

You will need these two readings:

Harris, B. (1979). Whatever happened to little Albert?. American Psychological Association. 34

(3), 251- 160. This is in the week 6 weekly lesson folder.

Writing on history (n.d). Historiography. This is in the week 2

weekly lesson folder.


Section 1: In this section of the assignment, use the historiography short reading to respond to

the following questions on the historiography of psychology (approximately 400 words; 2-3


 Explain in your own words what historiography is.

 What is the importance of historiography in psychology? Why do researchers of the

history of psychology use historiography?

Section 2: In this section of the assignment, use Harris’ article to discuss his historiography of

Watson’s study and reporting of little Albert (approximately 400 words, 2-3 images). Respond to

the following questions:

 Explain why Harris’ article is a historiography (you can apply what you’ve written about

in the first part to this question).

 Give two examples from Harris to show how reports on the little Albert’s study are an

example of myth making in the history of psychology. What implications does this myth

making have on how we understand behaviorism today?


College of Staten Island – The City University of New York

PSY 352 – History and Systems of Psychology – Spring 2021

The grading rubric is attached to the Blackboard assignment. This is what I will be looking for

while I grade. READ IT CLOSELY. Make

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