Survey on Latitude and Departure

PROBLEMS Asterisks (*) indicate problems that have answers given in Appendix G.

12.1* Compute the area enclosed within polygon ABDFGA of Figure 12.1 using triangles.

12.2 Similar to Problem 12.1, except for polygon BGFDB of Figure 12.1.

12.3 Compute the area enclosed by AGBA and the shoreline of Figure 12.1 using the offset method.

12.4 By rule of thumb, what is the estimated uncertainty in 870,684 ft? if the estimated error in the coordinates was +0.2 ft?

CHAPTER 10 These two do with Excel HW1

For the following traverse data:

  • Calculate the departures and latitudes
  • Calculate departure and latitude misclosures
  • Calculate relative precision and relative precision
  • Calculate the adjusted departures and latitudes
  • Calculate the adjusted X and Y coordinates if you know A(8000.000,5000.000) Course Azimuth Length AB 79.8651012 238.91 BC 351.7840242 205.09 CD 252.8974026 259.23 DE 193.7602941 101.87 EA 136.8943810 96.74 (All values are in meters and degrees) till HL

These two no need for excel Homework 8 P 12.1 8 P 12.3 Calculate by coordinates the area within the traverse of HW2 of Ch10 8 Calculate the area enclosed in the traverse of HW1 of Ch10 1 of 1 a (S) … Sprint 9:52 AM @ 64% < Doc Nov 16, 2017, 09:52

HW2 For the following traverse data:

  • Calculate the departures and latitudes Calculate the Azimuths and lengths Calculate the bearings Course X Y A 12765.567 43280.543 B 13696.456 43755.654 C 14354.345 42993.765 D 15110.234 43476.876 E 14797.123 44384.987 MA (All values are in meters and degrees) 1 of 1 e

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