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Question 1

A steel tape with a cross sectional area of 0.04 cm2 and weighing 1 kg has a length of 30.01 m between the zero and the 30m marks, when supported throughout at 200C and subject to a tension of 6 kg. This tape is used to measure a distance along a uniform 5% grade and is supported throughout during the measurement. The tension applied is 14 kg. The temperature of the tape is 50C. The measured slope distance is recorded as 345m. What is the corrected horizontal distance? (K = 1.15 x 10-5 /0C per m and E = 2.1 x x106 kg/cm2)

Surveying ENG

Question 2

A 100 ft steel tape standardized at 68 °F and supported throughout under a tension of 10 lbs was found to be 100.2 ft long. The tape had a cross sectional area of 0.009 in2 and a weight of 0.03 lb/ft. The tape is used to measure a horizontal distance (AB) and the measured length comes out to be 300 ft. CALTRANS plans a new ramp to connect Nutwood with US57.

The ramp starts from point A (on Nutwood) to C (on US57) wherein point C will be vertically above point B (a current point on Nutwood that will get buried by ramp). The must have a smooth 4% grade, thus the tape will be used fully supported. Determine the correct slope distance to be measured (i.e. length AC) if a pull of 15 lbs is used and the temperature is 96 °F.

Surveying ENG

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