Surveying fifth homework

Surveying fifth homework

Surveying fifth Home work Problems: 5.12 5.37 5.12 Prepare a set of level notes for the data listed. Perform a check and adjust the mis- closure. Elevation of BM 7 is 852.045 m. If the total loop length is 1500 m, what order of leveling is represented? (Assume all readings are in meters.) Point +S (BS) -S (FS) BM7 TP1 BM8 TP2 TP3 BM 7 4.388 6.907 4.680 3.730 8.464 4.538 8.800 5.978 5.245 3.598 5.37 Compute the permissible misclosure for the following lines of levels: (a) a 20-km loop of third-order levels (b) a 10-km section of second-order class I levels (c) a 30-km loop of first-order class I levels. BIBLIOGRAPHY Charles D. Ghilani • Paul R. Wolf ELEMENTARY SURVEYING An Introduction to Geomatics 14th Edition

Surveying fifth homework

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