The 11 Bases of Democracy

11 Bases of Democracy

Matias Wainfeld

POS2041 American Government

Florida International University

Dr.Donovan A Mcfarlane

July 23, 2020











11 Bases of Democracy

Democracy is a form of government which, has been around since 508 BC it has been used by many societies and was created by the Greeks. Democracy is a form of government in which the people decide who governs their society. The Greeks democracy was different than our form of democracy we have what is called an indirect democracy, which is a form of government in which people have all the power to select representation in the government like selection the House of Representatives or The Senate. Democracy is built throughout many different parts. In this article I will be speaking of these parts which are called, the 11 bases of democracy.


Social Contract

Majority Rule

Minorities Rights

Limited Government

Democracy Institution

Free Elections

Organized Opposition

Free Expression Ideas


Universal Education