Best Argumentative Essay Topic in Nursing

Best argumentative essay topic in nursing. Topic selection is seen as one of the most straightforward tasks a student can ever be handled. However, when students are given the mandate to select a topic of their argumentative essay assignment, particularly in nursing, they tend to freak out. Others may choose a topic, but want a broad one which is not narrowed down to one focus. Ultimately, this causes them to jumble up their work and acquire weak scores in their grades.

Are you a student aspiring to be a nurse but presently stuck at finding a brilliant topic for your argumentative essay in nursing? Well, our nursing writing website can help you with that. Evidently, it is not hard at all. To choose the best topic, here are the features to consider;

The Emerging Issues in Nursing

Best Argumentative Essay Topic in Nursing

A nursing student must always be on their toes when it comes to trending issues in nursing. To achieve this, a student must always look up the latest nursing news, and can from here choose one topic that they can comfortably discuss in depth.  For example, if there are trending controversies regarding the significance of a doctor and a nurse in a health care facility, a student can come up with topics such as;

•    Is the role of a nurse more significant than that of a doctor?

•    Is the impact of nurses in healthcare services more felt than that of doctors?

•    Should nurses be paid as much as doctors?

•    The doctoral profession is more respectable than that of nursing

The Twists in a Cliché Topic

The creativity of students is seen when they can comfortably discuss a common topic, but add new elements, which make the theme more appealing. For example, the issue of nurses being overworked has been a subject of discussion in most countries in the world.

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Due to this, many essays have been written on this subject. Although it is not bad writing an argumentative essay on nurses being overworked, it, however, brings about monotony, which could see you scoring low due to lack of creativity. In such a scenario, one can develop exciting topics from this area of interest such as;

•    Increased number of working hours for nurses impacts their quality of work

Whichever topic a student selects to use in their argumentative essay in nursing, the goal is to comfortably support it using accurate information and evidence from reliable sources. These credible sources may be scientific journals, books, scientific articles, scientific databases, among others. Moreover, another critical element to remember when writing an argumentative essay in nursing is always to refute the counterarguments one makes in their essay.

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Here are more examples of the topic that a student can choose for their argumentative essay in nursing;

•    Nursing courses should be extended by one year to increase the efficiency of nurses

•    The salary of nurses should be increased to attract more students to the field

•    Hiring more male nurses would bring an end to gender inequality in the hospital

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