The proposed title of your dissertation (which must fall within the area covered by your LLM programme):
The proposed thesis statement or research question(s) your dissertation will address:



Please provide a provisional bibliography. The bibliography should include at least some of the sources that you will use, as well as sources that you may use. In preparing the bibliography, please observe the following guidelines:

a) At the top of the bibliography, under the heading ‘Main Sources’, please list the source or sources which are most central and important to your dissertation. This may be a statute or a case or it might be a book or article.

b) List the remaining sources, divided appropriately e.g. under (i) statutes, (ii) cases, (iii) books and (iv) articles.

c) Please list a minimum of 15 sources in total.

d) Ensure that an appropriate referencing style is used (e.g. OSCOLA) and that the referencing style is used consistently and accurately.


Main Sources

Other Sources