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Imperialism is an ancient practice where countries utilize policy and practice of extending power and dominion through acquisition of territories or through political and economic control of other areas. Imperialism involves using power or economic abilities of a country, making it a social justice problem. In the United States imperialism refers to economic, military and the cultural influence that United States exerts on other countries. The practice began in the 19th century during the reign of President James K. Polk by extending the concept of the “American Empire”. With onset of industrialization, United States businesses needed international markets where they could sell their excess products. Other countries believed that United States was responsible for bringing concept of industry into less privileged countries. As a result of such attitude, the United States was stimulated towards imperialism.

The fight to control world trade and tireless efforts of proving military strength through the show of new military technology has been the modern-day cold war. The war is traced back in the early 1990s when the United States attempted to build a military camp in Northern Korea which is a close ally of China. Besides, it’s known from history, that America is called the United States because it’s a collection of states. Some states like Puerto Rico has been a U.S territory which he seizures since 1899. The fight to extend the rule by the U.S to China and beyond is a two-century fight because, since 1857 it annexed close 100 inhabited territories such as the Guano islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean. Seizure of those islands which were rich in coal was a great win to the U.S. Therefore, the U.S had to seek workers who could work in the coal mining sites in the islands.

The displeasure between China and the U.S started since the early 1900s when the U.S captured Chinese nationals to work in coal mines. The U.S has been trying to slow the China’s growth in terms of trading and technology by imposing bad policies and trade tariffs, since then, the fight is on and from 1990s China has been working tirelessly to keep a front show in terms of military strength, technology discoveries as well as capture of more trade partners in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Thesis statement

There are various proposes to explore and analyze the literature related to imperialism in the United States, the influence on China as the key ally, effects on the world’s trade, and lives. The real implications of the show of military might be the U.S and the effects on the world’s market as a result of the same. Clear events have contributed to the escalation of the fight and the effects on the world economy.

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