The Implementation of Corporate Policies

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the role of human resource management in implementation of corporate policies. HR policies and procedures are the strategic links between the company’s vision and its day-to-day operations (AME, 2005). Well defined policies and procedures allow employees to understand and fulfill their responsibilities within the predefined limitations. Constant intervention by management is not necessary if the policies are thoughtfully framed and adhered to by the employees. A policy is a course of action, which guides the management and the people towards the attainment of corporate goals and objectives. The procedure is the plan of action to implement the policy. Job responsibilities are clearly laid which reduce if not totally eliminate chances of misunderstandings. By following these procedures, managers are in a position to control events in advance and even help avoid costly mistakes. Policies and procedures bring about consistency in daily operational activities. High failure rates, costly overruns, high attrition rates, or an increase in the number of accidents are warning signals that policies and procedures need to be reviewed. Policies and procedures enable the management and staff alike to understand the individual and team responsibilities in addition to the limitations.that are used to integrate the work of the members (Cordeiro & Filipe, n.d.). According to Mintzberg (1979), every organized human activity gives rise to these two fundamental and opposing requirements: the division of labor into the various tasks to be performed and the coordination of these tasks to accomplish the activity (cited by Cordeiro & Filipe). Work can thus be coordinated through mutual adjustment, standardization, or direct supervision. Max Weber disagreed with this and described bureaucracy as an ideal organizational structure where the roles are clearly defined and regular activities are set.

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