The Literature Review (Transition Committee

Today, effective leaders need to be change leaders who can initiate and sustain complex organizational transformation. Scenario: There is enormous pressure within your organization for restructuring. In response to this, the current CEO has just announced his/her resignation, effective in the next year. Now the district is faced with the task of beginning a search for a new CEO. To prepare for this challenge, you have been charged by the Transition Committee to prepare a literature review on educational change and effective techniques for leading and managing change. Please note, unlike an advocacy paper, a literature review is expository writing, logical and dispassionate in tone. Its purpose is to objectively explore and synthesize as many facets of an issue as possible. This review will help committee members to assimilate the current research to begin its work. What does the literature tell us about How change occurs in the world of education/training, and What competencies must a transformational leader possess? Please note, information about a topic can be gleaned from a variety of sources. Use refereed peer-reviewed journals, (they are more reliable and carry more validity than others). Books, textbooks, Since your review should be as comprehensive and as authoritative as possible, choose carefully so that the committee can feel confident in the information you provide. Your paper must have the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Review of the literature on educational change and characteristics of transformational leaders, ( Minimum of 10 references required 5 of which must be peer reviewed articles) Conclusion ( What conclusions did you draw from the review of literature) Reference list

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