The Power and Importance of Music

The articles discusses about the power and importance of music. Many people listen to music at different times and with a diverse reason. However, songs plays a key role in people’s life. Many songs serves different functions in our life. People listens to music every day and other times do not even realize. Moreover, there are many sources where music can be listened. Radios and television sets are among the sources of music. There are some of the reasons why many people listen to music.

Some songs made by people act as a form of communicating a certain information. However, music defines diverse situation in life. People understands the meaning of songs and events which occurred in the world. Furthermore, music delight the mood of a person. However, they listen to music when they are stressed out, hence comforting them and washing all bad feelings. In addition, music concentrates and relaxes individuals. When people are travelling using vehicles, music helps them stay relaxed and reduces exhaustion.

The Importance of Music in Our Routine Life by Kevin Cook | by Kevin Cook  Austin | Medium

Besides, music also helps people to recall the past. Since the music is in every place, there are some songs which reminds people about good moments in their lives. Adult people listens to music to remember their teenage time. However, old music has become a culture of human progress. Youths relaxes and concentrate better by listening to some songs when they are in different situations.

Power and Importance of Music


Music has a distinctive language where people all over the world understands. Love songs are played by lovers to express devotion to each other. Furthermore, there is a different song for each time in life for every person. Individual gains brain relaxation, communication and good appearance from the music. It is difficult to figure out a history and life without music.

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Hays, T., & Minichiello, V. (2005). The meaning of music in the lives of older people: A qualitative study. Psychology of music33(4), 437-451.

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