The PSIR and Sentencing Recommendation

The PSIR and Sentencing Recommendation 1. This is the first of three related writing assignments. For this assignment, you are to use the following background information and an interview with the offender to create a PSIR based on the PSIR Template provided for you. These are linked here and can be located under “Files: Student View: Unit Assignments.” Background Information Interview with Offender PSIR Template 2. Once you have filled in the relevant information, you are to make a sentencing recommendation to the judge. This recommendation should be consistent with the California Penal Code for Theft (Links to an external site.): ( Options at Time of Sentencing as well as information provided and how it relates to the defendant’s criminogenic needs. Your recommendations must be supported. Write a one-page paper supporting your decisions (this should follow the recommendation section of your PSIR). You will be graded on how well you are able to support your recommendation with information from the text, the options available for sentencing, and two outside sources. Those outside sources need to be selected from peer reviewed research articles from the online library, any of the additional sources I provide each week via the course schedule or in discussion, government agency documents, or other academic texts. Do not use online encyclopedias, dictionaries, or information from Wikipedia or you will lose points. This assignment should be submitted as one document. The recommendation section should be written using APA format, and you must include a list of the references used as well as in-text citations to support your sentencing recommendation.

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