The Trans Generation

In this essay you will be drawing upon Ann Travers’ book The Trans Generation to explore the ways gender structures the lives of children and the harm this causes.  Specifically, you will utilize course concepts and readings in order to explain why trans and gender nonconforming kids are disabled and rendered precarious within schools.  Based on your analysis, you will propose social changes that would protect and support children.  First: Why are schools such difficult and dangerous spaces for trans and gender nonconforming kids? Which kids experience the most precarity?  Then: Given this, what concrete social changes are needed to support trans and gender nonconforming kids and why might those changes benefit everyone? In your discussion and analysis be sure to use at least three of the following concepts:  Social facts  Social construction of reality  Social construction of gender  Binary gender ideology  Social construction of masculinity  Hegemonic masculinity  Social construction of sexuality  Social construction of race  Structural racism  Cultural capital  Intersectionality  Your paper should include specific details and examples from The Trans Generation. Travers’s ethnographic portrait of the experiences of the children provides a rich, detailed tapestry of distress, harm, empowerment, and self-determination. The specific stories of children should form the basis of your analysis; avoid vague generalizations.

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