The US and China Trade Relationship

Instructions 1. Your paper should NOT exceed 3000 words. 2. Your paper should have a clear structure: introduction, main argument, conclusion, reference. 3. Cite your sources using Chicago Author-Date Style.  4. You are required to read the following case study, policy brief, testimony, and articles, and cite them in your paper. the case of “The Eagle and the Dragon: The 1999 US-China Bilateral Agreement and the Battle for PNTR” (page 241 to page 291) Ricard Freeman’s “Are your wages Set in Beijing?” (JEP 1995). the introduction of Autor, Dorn and Hanson’s “The China Syndrome” (AER 2013) 5. You are free to cite other reputable sources from trustworthy institutions and/or journals.  6. Try to help your readers to understand the following questions: What were the main goals of the US and the Chinese government during the negotiations leading to the 1999 US-China Bilateral Agreement? Was the US-China bilateral trade relationship supposed to be a win-win situation at the country level? What were the potential theoretical welfare redistribution effects in the US? What were the predictions then? Were they right or wrong? What lessons could the US and Chinese government learn at this point in history?

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