Theorist Essay Assignment

150 Points

You will write a research essay about an influential theorist that we have discussed during the course of the semester. Your essay will be written in APA format, and outline in detail the impact of your chosen theorist.

Your essay must include the following:
Biographical information about your theorist
Important dates
Where they were born/lived
Family information
Any relevant, anecdotal information
What influenced their path of research/development of their particular theory
Theoretical Information
What theory (ies) was the individual known for?
Provide an in-depth description/analysis of the theory
Societal Impact
What impact did your individual have on the world in which they lived (during their era?)
What do we see as a result of their research in modern-day society?
Why was their research important?

Formatting Requirements:
4 pages in length
Times New Roman, 12-point font
Double spaced
3 or more sources cited in APA Format (Your textbook may be used as a source)!
APA Reference Page
Don’t forget the basic elements of an essay (introduction paragraph, body paragraphs—at least 3—and conclusion paragraph)


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