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1. Read Chapter 6 Reading Rhetorically to understand how to write a summary and response essay. Our first formal essay assignment asks you to summarize and respond to one of the first three chapters in A Different Mirror. (More details will be given about this essay in a separate assignment in the coming week. This essay will be 3-3/4 to 4 pages in length and is due Wednesday July 8.)

Exercises for this chapter will be given during the week of June 29.

2. In A Different Mirror, read the following:

Chapter Two “Removing the ‘Savages'” on pages 25 to 46
Chapter Four “The Road to the Reservation” pages 67 to 84
Chapter Nine “Dealing with the Indians” pages 167 to 186
Complete the following exercise:

(50 points) Choose one of the chapters and write a brief one-paragraph summary of its main ideas (see Chapter 6 in The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing for how to write a concise brief summary of a text.
(60 points – 20 for each answer.) Based on the same chapter you summarized, respond to the following questions:
Why were the Native Americans treated in such a hostile manner by the colonists?
What would be some of the possible long term impact on the Native American people because of the racist and harsh treatment of the colonists against them?
What is your personal reflections on the ideas presented in the chapter you selected to summarize?
These two exercises are due Wednesday July 1

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