Tips for Writing a Good Composition in 2021

Think about Your Topic

A good composition is usually an essay with a distinct topic. The topic for your composition should be something you are interested in or have some knowledge of. A boring subject makes a boring composition, so make sure the topic is one that will hold your interest and hopefully also stimulate your imagination as well as your interest.

tips for writing a good compositionRead and Digest the Material You’re Going to Write About

By developing a knowledge of your subject, you can become an expert on it. A poor composition often lacks evidence or examples to support its thesis statement. If you read up on your topic, then take some time to digest what you’ve read, you’ll have plenty of examples and evidence to support your ideas.

Begin with a Hook

The best way to grab the reader’s interest (and keep it) is always with an attention getter or “hook.” A good hook usually involves some mystery, humor or controversy; something that provokes a reaction in the reader. If you can make your reader stop and say, “Hey, I have to read this one,” you’ve accomplished your goal.

Add a Strong Topic Sentence

A strong topic sentence is imperative because it states clearly what you are going to write about. Make sure that the topic sentence is broad enough so that all of the following sentences will naturally support it. Be sure to also provide your topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. This will keep you on track and make writing easier for you.

Tips of Writing a Good Composition

Begin Your Paragraphs with Strong Sentences

Strong sentences, like strong topic sentences, are what every writer needs to tie their work together. You should always try to start each of your paragraphs with a strong sentence that will hook the reader and keep him or her from putting down your paper because it’s boring.

Maintain Your Voice

One of the most important parts of your essay is your voice. You need to maintain a consistent tone throughout the entire composition. If you can accomplish this, then you’re well on your way to writing a successful essay

Support Your Ideas with Evidence and Examples

If you want the reader to believe what you’re telling him or her, then you need to have evidence and examples to back up your claims. This is extremely important in persuasive essays but it’s also important in every other type of essay as well.

Vary Your Sentences to Keep the Reader Engaged

If you want your paper to be interesting, then varying the length and structure of your sentences is important. For example, in a one-sentence paragraph, a long sentence with many clauses will be much more interesting than several very short sentences strung together.

Be Specific

In order to be interesting, you need to add details. The more specific your essay is, the better it will read. Being too vague or general can cause an essay to read like something that was written by a robot. If you want people to believe what you’ve written, then make sure you write about things using specific details.

Tips to Writing a Good Composition

Show, Don’t Tell

In order to back up your claims, you need to use evidence and examples that will show the reader why you’re right, not just tell him or her that you are. There’s a big difference between telling someone and showing them. You should never simply tell the reader what happened in your essay. Instead, you should tell them what could have happened, or what would have happened if certain facts had been different. Showing always involves more creativity than telling, and that’s why showing is better than telling when you’re trying to get your point across in an interesting way.

Be Careful with Repetition

One of the worst things that you can include in your essay is unnecessary repetition. This usually involves words, phrases or even entire sentences that are repeated too often (and in the wrong places).

Write Out Your Essay

Don’t try to write an essay on a computer screen. It’s better to put pen to paper and actually write your work out. This will help you catch and fix all of the mistakes that you would have otherwise missed because you were staring at a computer screen. A good composition should be properly planned.

Look for Ways to Edit Your Essay After It’s Written

In order to make sure that your essay is as good as possible, try editing it after writing it. Not only will this help you catch mistakes that might have been missed, but it will also allow you to expand on your ideas.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use New Words in Your Essay

If you want your essay to be interesting and informative, then you can’t just use old boring words over and over again. Some of the most interesting essays are the ones that use different words in order to get a point across. So don’t be afraid to say “penultimate” if it will make your essay better. A good composition should have the capability to communicate.

Write an Essay That Appeals to Your Reader’s Emotions

When you’re writing an essay, you should try to appeal to your reader’s emotions. If you can make the reader laugh, or cry, or get angry, then your essay will be a success. A good composition should therefore stir emotions in a reader’s mind.

Tips For Writing A Composition

Remember That Writing Is Rewriting

Even if you’ve typed out and printed a perfectly good essay (many times), don’t be afraid to go back and edit it again. Editing is an important part of writing and it’s a good idea to have multiple drafts. If you don’t like the way that something sounds, then change it!

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Essay

If you want an essay to be effective, then make sure that your sentences are relatively simple and easy to understand. Complicated sentences can be difficult to read and understand, so it’s better to use short and simple sentences.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Don’t write just for the fun of it — instead, you should tailor your message to whoever will be reading it. Knowing who you’re writing for is important because you’ll know what their needs are and how to address their concerns. A good composition should be mindful of the audience.

Use a thesaurus

In order to make your essay more interesting, you should use words that have different meanings than what’s typically expected in your essay. This will give your readers some insight into what you are trying to say and they will be much more likely to remember what you’ve written. A good composition should be interesting to read.

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