Tips of Passing a Nursing Exam

The Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE) is a terrifying and nerve-wracking experience for most nursing students. It’s hard to write down answers on the paper without trembling. While taking the test, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know anything about what you read or any of the concepts presented in your review books.

To help you get through the Nursing Licensure Exam, here are some helpful tips you can use to boost your confidence while taking it.

1) Go over all of the questions first before answering them. In taking the test, it’s important to read each question carefully and thoroughly. Sometimes even if we know the answer right away, there are still some questions that are confusing to read. So, it is best if you will go over them first before answering them so you can get a better view of what they’re asking for.

Tips of Passing a Nursing Exam

2) Read the question again after reading all of your options. When you’ve read all of the answer choices given in the test, re-read the question itself again. This way, you will know if one of the options fits what they’re asking for or not. Sometimes it is easy to get confused with the wording in a question, so re-reading it could help you have a better understanding on what they need from you.

3) Mark the questions that give you trouble and answer them later. If you have difficulty in answering a certain question, you can just mark it and answer the others first. Come back to it after answering all of your other questions so you can have time to re-read it carefully and understand what they are actually asking for.

4) Just breathe! When taking the test, take deep breaths to calm yourself down. It is best if you take a few minutes break in-between reading each set of questions to catch your breath and relax for a bit before resuming the test. This will also help you get refreshed and focused again on finishing the test.

5) Talk to other nursing students about their experience taking the NLE. Sometimes it is easier to calm yourself down by talking about your feelings with someone who has gone through the same experience you are currently dealing with. By sharing their experiences, it can give you an idea of what to expect taking the exam and how they became more relaxed while answering the questions.

6) Remember that everyone feels nervous before taking Nursing Licensure Exam too. Take a minute or two before taking the test to remember that you’re not alone in feeling nervous and stressed about taking this exam. Everyone feels a little bit of anxiousness before taking a big test like this, but it is best if they learn how to keep calm and focus on answering all questions carefully.

7) Make sure you have all of the things you need to take with you in your bag. When taking the test, make sure that all of your pencils are sharpened and all documents like IDs and review books are ready before starting the test. You wouldn’t want to be panicking because something is missing when you’re asked to take an ID photo right away.

8) Keep a smart schedule while preparing for the exam. In order to get ready and calm yourself for this big test, it is best if you have a daily study schedule. Plan out your days so that you have enough time to review the materials needed without feeling too stressed about it.

9) Take deep breaths while reading questions and thinking of answers. Along with other tips mentioned here, it would be best if you take a few minutes to just breathe and relax while taking the test. Sometimes our nerves and anxiety can get in the way of answering questions properly; so by taking deep breaths, we will feel more relaxed and ready to answer them properly without feeling too stressed or overwhelmed.

10) Read the question first before looking at the answers. In taking the Nursing Licensure Exam, it’s important that we know what to expect from each question. Some questions can be worded in a confusing way, so make sure you read them carefully and understand what they’re asking for before choosing an answer option.

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