Title Page With Running Head For Your Research Paper.

This week’s assignment assesses your knowledge of APA format for academic papers.

Refer to the textbook, lecture notes, and videos to create a title page with running head for your research paper. 

Next, refer to your annotated bibliography and create a reference list in proper APA format (remember citefast.com).

CLICK VIDEO:   Using Citefast to Generate APA Citations


Directly underneath EACH source create the appropriate in-text citation for that same source. 

Click on the attached file to view a sample of the assignment (refer to the readings, notes, and videos to successfully complete this assignment – do not SOLELY rely on the sample).

***Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word file in Times New Roman 12 font to this dropbox by 5PM (EST) on Sunday.

TWO videos:   https://www.youtube.com/embed/VKWKswH29kM

APA Style (6th Ed.): Title Page & Running Head – NEW VERSION IN DESCRIPTION

APA Style 7th Edition: In-Text Citations, Quotations, and Plagiarism

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