Tourism Analysis and Evaluation Industry Research Report

I need to get a good score for this article. If you do a good job, I will give you extra money as a reward and rebook you to write another article My chosen area is the Gold Coast I’ll give you all the data on the Gold Coast You must draw the table as required. Your report should comprise the following sections. An indication of how marks will be allocated between these sections is also provided: 1. Introduction to the tourism destination/region (i.e. the location; key tourism features/attractions and organisations involved in managing tourism.) – 10 marks 2. Tourism Supply: Present a longitudinal analysis of data to show trends in the supply of (a) accommodation; and (b) transportation. Draw conclusions from the analysis about accommodation and transport supply in the region. – 15 marks 3. Tourism Demand: Present a longitudinal analysis of data for (a) visitor nights and (b) accommodation occupancy rates. Draw conclusions from the analysis about visitor demand. – 15 marks 4. Current Visitor Profile: Provide an overview of visitor characteristics using Tourism Research Australia data. – 15 marks This visitor profile should include a section about international visitors and a section about domestic visitors. The following data should be presented for each of these: a) Estimated number of visitors and visitor nights. You should also calculate the average length of stay (i.e. average number of nights spent in region); b) Visitor Demographics including the origin of visitors, Gender and Life Cycle; and c) Activities visitors participated in during their trip. 5. Impacts of Tourism: Summarise the economic, social, and environmental impacts of tourism in the region. There are a variety of sources you can use to obtain this information including academic journal articles, news articles, industry reports, visitor reviews and photos/images of the destination. You should also describe how these impacts have been measured, based on the research resources you use to compile these impacts. – 15 marks 6. Identify the key challenges facing the tourism industry in this region and propose two (2) clear research questions which you feel the destination needs to find answers to address these challenges. Note that Part 2 of the Industry report (due in Week 12) requires you to present a plan for how the destination should undertake research to address one of these research questions. – 10 marks

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